Help children around the world practice reading and learn new languages.
Become a Global Buddy
Because every child deserves a reading buddy.
Due to at-home language barriers and limited educational resources, millions of children around the world still have no one to practice reading with. To help support our local school and education partners, we've set up the Global Buddy Network, a volunteer community of impact-driven organizations and participants committed to making the benefits of shared-reading experiences accessible to any student, anywhere.
As a Global Buddy, you will receive a notification when a student needs help reading. You can choose which sessions to take based on your availabiliy. Reading sessions typically last between 10-15 minutes.
Make an impact from the comfort of your phone.
Kindi provides a virtual reading experience for students and their Buddies. Once connected, you and your partner student will be able to read live together over audio, build practice lists, and discuss key story themes. All session data is then shared with teachers for further feedback and in-class review.
It's just like reading next to someone, but over your phone.
Backed by the MIT Media Lab, Kindi's Global Buddy Network is already helping Syrian refugee students in Lebanon learn English.
In 2018, Kindi received grant funding from the MIT Media Lab Refugee Learning Accelerator to to deploy and test our shared-reading technology with a class of Syrian refugee students in Lebanon. Over a 6-month pilot period, students completed over 500 reading sessions with Global Buddies from the US, Europe, and across the MENA region. We are now expanding our programs in Lebanon, as well as expanding into new student communities in Europe and the US.
Ready to join? All Global Buddies must be sponsored by an organization
Kindi's Global Buddy Network is based upon organization-level partnerships. Once we partner with an organization, the members and employees of that organization will be able to sign up as Global Buddies.
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