Where students help students practice reading and learn new languages.
Kindi Connect matches students who need additional reading support with student volunteers from around the world for real-time, teacher-monitored, virtual reading sessions. Launching next fall, we are now accepting classrooms to join our growing pilot community. Request a demo and see for yourself how Kindi is redefining the connected learning experience.
Kindi Connect for Classrooms
Millions of young people around the world don't get to practice reading with others simply because they live in homes and communities where nobody speaks the language they need to learn. Forced to practice on their own, these students miss out on the benefits of shared-reading experiences, which are scientifically proven to help improve literacy, language acquisition, creative expression, and overall reader confidence. Kindi is helping close this gap by connecting students who need reading support to students who can help, both locally and globally.
Too many students still have no one to practice reading with at home.
This is how.
With Kindi Connect, every student can now access the benefits of shared-reading experiences from the comfort of a mobile device.
Each student has a personalized user account where they can choose stories based on the reading level assigned by their teacher.
Once a student requests a reading buddy, qualified student volunteers receive a notification.
After a quick ice breaker, the students are connected into their virtual reading session.
Together, students can read over audio, highlight words and create practice lists. All session data is recorded and accessible within teacher admin portals.
Pick a story
Request a buddy
Get connected
Start reading
All student users on Kindi Connect have been added by teachers from verified education institutions. All reading sessions are recorded and accessible by teachers to maintain quality assurances.
When your students join Kindi, they get the chance to read and share stories with other students from around the world, allowing for new perspectives and intercultural dialogue to take form.
Kindi works across all iOS and Android mobile / tablet devices.
Safe and secure learning community
Global connections
Additional features and benefits
PCMag highlights the benefits of Kindi for refugee students in Lebanon. Click on image to open article.
Which words do your students struggle with the most? Who is ready to move up to the next reading level? Get real-time insights into the reading behaviors of your students at both the individual and classroom level.
Data and analytics
Make impact a regular theme of your classroom, offering your students daily opportunities to help others learn to read on Kindi.
Student driven impact
Kindi empowers students to learn and connect with the world like never before. Just ask our users.
If this isn't global learning, I don't know what global learning is.
I love reading on Kindi. It helps me feel much more confident in using English with my friends and in the classroom.
It's almost magical, like unreal.
- Claire Conley, 8th grade English teacher at North Ridgeville Middle School (USA)

- 8th grade student volunteer from Ohio (USA)

- 7th grade student in Lebanon learning English as a second language.

Ready to get your classroom reading on Kindi?
Request a demo with a member of the Kindi team and get a first-hand experience of what we've built and what's coming next.
Designed with refugees, built for the world.
Kindi is a social enterprise committed to creating a world where every child, regardless of their location or financial means, always has someone to read and share a story with. Our journey started in Lebanon, a country where 100,000s of Syrian refugee students struggle in school because they do not know English, an unfamiliar language used widely in the Lebanese curriculum. With limited access to English speakers at home, we developed Kindi to offer students on-demand virtual reading experiences from a mobile device. We have a long road ahead, but are encouraged everyday by amazing people just like you, who consistently answer the call when a student is in need.
Kindi team: Leen Naffaa (left), Mike Clarke (Left/hat), Ahmad Ghizzawi (right), with first pilot students at the Malala refugee school in Lebanon.

How can Kindi Connect benefit my students?
Kindi is a great tool for students who need additional reading support outside of school. For example, students learning English as a second language who live in homes with no fluent English speakers to practice with.
Who will my students be reading with?
On Kindi Connect, students read with other students from across the globe. It is a private student community monitored and managed by teachers.
Do I have to pay to join Kindi Connect?
No, it is currently free to get your classroom on Kindi.
As a teacher, can I listen to the sessions?
Yes, all reading sessions are recorded and accessible in your teacher admin dashboard.
What kind of learning data does Kindi provide?
During every session, we track and record every word a student mispronounces. This data is made available to you at a classroom and student level in your dashboard.
I'm outside the US, can my class still use Kindi?
Yes, of course! Kindi is a global student community committed to making sure every child, regardless of location, always has someone to read and share a story with.
For any other questions please send us an email at: team@kindi.io
What languages can students practice on Kindi?
Currently, students can use Kindi Connect to practice reading English stories. We plan on adding more languages in the coming future.
I think Kindi is awesome. Just saying.
We think you are awesome too! Now, request a demo and lets change the world together!