Stories can change the world. And now, you can too.
Record and share your own audio stories, discover and follow your favorite storytellers, and help others learn to read, all on the Kindi mobile app.
Because stories matter.
The act of listening to and reading stories with others is scientifically proven to help improve literacy, language acquisition, and overall learner confidence. Yet, we live in a world, where millions of young people have no one to practice reading with. At Kindi, we aim to change this, and are doing so through the power of technology and community.
A world full of stories. Built by you.
The Kindi Library is a free and growing audiobook collection created by parents, teachers, and everyday storytellers just like you.
The Kindi Library
• Create and share audio stories with your children, students, and a global audience of listeners.

•Discover and follow storytellers from around the world and practice new languages as you listen to their recordings.

• Join a global community of people connected by a love of stories and passion for storytelling.
Key features:
Go from storyteller to reading buddy, and connect to the world like never before.
Qualified storytellers on Kindi can also participate as virtual reading volunteers, helping young people around the world get access to the benefits of shared-reading experiences.
Kindi Connect
• Assist students, both locally and globally, as they practice reading short stories on Kindi.

•Get notified when sessions are available and make an impact from the comfort of your mobile device.
check out Kindi Connect for Classrooms, where students help students learn to read and practice new languages.
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Designed with refugees, built for the world.
Kindi is a social enterprise committed to creating a world where every child, regardless of their location or financial means, always has someone to read and share a story with. Our journey started in Lebanon, a country where 100,000s of Syrian refugee students struggle in school because they do not know English, an unfamiliar language used widely in the Lebanese curriculum. With limited access to English speakers at home, we developed Kindi to offer students on-demand virtual reading experiences from a mobile device. We have a long road ahead, but are encouraged everyday by amazing people just like you, who consistently answer the call when a student is in need.
Kindi team: Leen Naffaa (left), Mike Clarke (Left/hat), Ahmad Ghizzawi (right), with first pilot students at the Malala refugee school in Lebanon.
In the news:
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