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The act of listening to and reading stories with others is scientifically proven to help improve literacy, language acquisition, and overall learner confidence. Yet, we live in a world, where millions of children and adults have no one to practice reading with. At Kindi, we aim to change this, and are doing so through the power of technology and community.
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We are building the world's largest and most diverse library of pre-recorded short stories, developed by people just like you. The Kindi library will be accessible to everyone, fostering a community built around a love of stories and inspiring storytellers.
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Designed with refugees, built for the world.
Kindi was inspired by the need to help Syrian refugee students in Lebanon improve their English, an unfamiliar language used widely in the Lebanese curriculum. With limited access to English speakers at home, we developed Kindi to offer students on-demand virtual reading experiences on mobile.

With initial funding support from the MIT Refugee Learning Accelerator, we organized our first Kindi pilots with students at the Kayany Foundation in Lebanon. As we expand our user base beyond Lebanon, we are also introducing a new app feature, Kindi Connect, which enables students to initiate live one-one virtual reading sessions with volunteers from around the world.
Kindi team: Leen Naffaa (left), Mike Clarke (Left/hat), Ahmad Ghizzawi (right), with first pilot students at the Malala refugee school in Lebanon.
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